UATx graduates professionals in the fields of Basic Sciences, Engineering, and Technology

Tlaxcala, Tlax, March 14, 2022 (Editorial). –To produce proactive professionals, able to face changes and a global view of reality, is the mission of the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), and under this scenario it has held a graduation ceremony for its undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the College of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, corresponding to the 2017-2021 generation.

By making use of the sound, the Mtro. Antonio Durante Murillo, Technical Secretary, on behalf of Dr. Luis Gonzalez Placencia, President of UATx, stated that the graduation date is the result of the sum of the talent of the faculty, the efforts and dedication of the parents. Students, a fact that must be a source of satisfaction with their achievement of a positive goal.

He said that the students who have been trained in the institution are at the level of global requirements for teaching, because through the Competency-Based Integrative Humanitarian Model (MHIC), the appropriate knowledge and skills are developed for each academic plan, which is enhanced through the use of digital tools that allow them to perform at both levels national and international.

For her part, Dr. Frene Lopez Medina, Director of the College, told the audience that graduates should feel proud and show their readiness to face the professional world, because they are a generation ready to contribute and contribute to the integrated development of the state and the country.

For her part, Fanny Gonzalez Solano, representative of the 2017-2021 generation, thanked the support provided by the parents and praised the work of the professors, while urging her colleagues to continue on the path of training and constant updating, to continue to be a leader. Signal in reality shift.

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The educational programs they graduated from are: Chemical Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, a degree in Industrial Chemistry and a degree in Applied Mathematics, as well as a Masters in Quality Sciences, and in the use and management of information technology.

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