UAT medical students participate in the chamber orchestra

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Medical students at the Tampico campus of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT)they also practice their instrumental skills by being part of a orchestra room.

This is why they carried out Concert in the lecture hall of the aforementioned academic unitWhere was a group of students Show their technical skills And they don’t just have the skill inside hospitals.

Director Tampico School of MedicineEnrique Álvarez Viaña, highlighted the work the students developed as part of their in-class training.

“It is a festival on the part of the music teachers, since we entered here eight years ago, I have seen with pleasure that the students, despite being a very demanding profession, have taken lessons in violin and cello and have participated in such homage, in these musical cultural events.

He said he supports these activities because they show their ability to work as a team, something they will apply in their performance as doctors.

“They work on what an orchestra is and in an orchestra this is not individual work, it is team work. They have learned the responsibility to work as a team, and that if they make a mistake it is not their fault, it is the fault of the whole group.

He explained that this orchestra is made up of about 25 members, but at this time they can’t all be there because some of them are foreigners and some are in their boarding school.

“At the moment, the whole team is not here, but once the pandemic is over, this will be more crowded.”


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