UASD’s Faculty of Educational Sciences conducts a dialogue on identity and inheritance

As part of the activities of the 483rd anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the Faculty of Educational Sciences on Tuesday held a dialogue entitled “Racism, Identity and Afro Heritage”, by speakers Germania Galvan and Hello Mendoza.

The activity discussed issues of culture, racism, and recent Dominican identity.

Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Leslie Mejia Roque, explained to those present at the dialogue that within the family are traits of racism that are often used in language when surnames (nicknames) are used, especially among children.

“Sometimes we (children) exaggerate certain features of our race and identity as belittling what they have rather than strengthening and enhancing that quality that we Dominicans have,” Mejia Roque said.

On his part, Vice-Chancellor for Extension at UASD, Antonio Medina Calcagno, said that due to the anniversary of this higher house of studies, a series of academic, scientific, cultural and sporting activities are held specifically for the staff and collaborators such as the dialogue “Racism, Identity and Afro Heritage”.

Medina Calcagno stated that the conference, addressed to the administrative staff of the College of Education, aims to create awareness of the Dominican cultural identity and spread a spirit of solidarity among them.

“Here we will analyze what is our heritage, our cultural identity and our historical past as the speakers will explain to us what cultural factors distinguish us, among other aspects,” explained the Vice Chancellor for Extension at UASD.

Under the anniversary month, the UASD authorities have prepared an agenda for talks, conferences, conferences, symposiums and athletics among other activities that will culminate on October 28, the anniversary date of the high school that will celebrate graduation.

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In carrying out this activity, the staff of the Rectory, the Vice-Chancellor, the Faculty of Education Sciences, the Gender Unit and the Continuing Education Unit of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) also participated.

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