UAM has graduated three doctors in cognitive sciences and one in engineering

the Autonomous University of Manizales made Graduation ceremony of three doctors of cognitive sciences and one doctor of engineering who will serve the community and the country with quality and the UAM seal.

Hall Mario Calderon Rivera Founders Building how It was the stage when the new doctors got their diplomas.

The graduates are: Diana Marcela Montoya Londono, Luisa Fernanda Mendes Ramirez s Santiago Murillo Rendón, From PhD in Cognitive Sciences, s Maria Giuliana Cardona Marquez From PhD in engineering (which is carried out in agreement with Autonomous University of the West (UAO) and the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga (UNAB)It is also incorporated and promoted through the Motis University network.

The ceremony was attended by the directors of the institution, teachers, researchers and relatives of the new doctors in the institution.

This event was broadcast through the official YouTube channel Autonomous University of Manizales, which can be seen through the following link:

the doctor. Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo Sanente, dean Autonomous University of ManizalesHighlight the contribution and work of its alumni PhD in Cognitive Sciences Based on PhD in engineering

“You will make a difference with this new acquired knowledge. They have reached the highest academic degree and this is what makes us proud as a university. Doctors have been training in the world for more than 900 years and in Colombia for less than 100 years. Thank you for building the community,” emphasized the President of UAM.

Traditionally, the degree ceremonies at this university were figured out for her grandmother. On this occasion, the Alumni Association – GradUAM, which usually handles the logistics of this event, wanted to highlight the importance of this fact, adding differential details such as special gowns, not only for the alumni but also for those who accompanied them on their visit. training process.

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Musical intervention was responsible for the group Assembly UAM:

  • Alexander Olarte on bass,
  • Juan Jose Gaviria on the keyboard
  • Humberto Valencia to the rhythm and
  • Gennaro Lopez on guitar and voice.

Performed topics:

The song “O lone mío” with lyrics by Giovanni Caporo and music by Alfredo (Mazzuchi) and Eduardo de (Capua), translated by Gennaro Lopez and Predstinacion by Aries Vigoth, with special intervention by Humberto Valencia.

to me howThis is an unforgettable moment, and you will continue to chart a path full of opportunities, challenges, and goals achieved.

Doctors in Cognitive Sciences

Diana Marcela Montoya London

hypothesis: Metacognitive judgment as a catalyst for accuracy in metacognitive observation for university psychology students.

Thesis director: Dr. Oscar Eugenio Tamayo Alzate. Co-Director Dr. Marie Orego Cardoso

Excellence: highest rating

Luisa Fernanda Mendes Ramirez

hypothesis: “The influence of sociodemographic factors and performance of activities useful for daily living on normal aging and cognitive decline”.

Thesis director: Dr. Francia Restrepo de Mejia

Excellence: CUM LAUDE

Santiago Murillo Rendón

Thesis topic: “The computational system for cognitive training in the elderly (verbal fluency condition)”.

Thesis director: Dr. Giraldo Bellarmino Segura and Dr. Francia Restrepo de Mejia.

Excellence: CUM LAUDE

Doctor of Engineering

Maria Giuliana Cardona Marquez

Thesis: “An affordable technical, economic and financial model in energy systems, based on micro-grids of renewable sources for rural electrification”

Thesis director: Yuri Ulyanov López Castrillon, under the supervision of Gabriel Eduardo Escobar Arias.

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