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The Autonomous University of Baja California Sur (UABCS) celebrated virtually the signing of an agreement with the Germany-based Ruhr-West University of Applied Sciences, which marks the beginning of a strategic alliance aimed at strengthening the academic aspect and promoting the development of joint research between the two countries. Both institutions.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the academic and academic bodies of the two universities, led by the Dean of the University of Southern California, Dr. Dante Salgado Gonzalez; And Dr. Susan Studd, President of the German Foundation specializing in training specialists in the fields of technology and applied sciences.

As stated in the Protocol Act, this agreement represents an important step towards internationalization, providing students, teachers and academic bodies the opportunity to participate in joint projects of global importance.

On behalf of UABCS, Dr. Dante Salgado expressed his enthusiasm for this alliance, which opens the possibility of bilateral cooperation on several fronts, but especially a path to developing the talents of young university students.

I realize that there is great admiration from Mexico for the perseverance and discipline of German culture, which is an additional element to create solid foundations in each of the joint initiatives taken as a result of this agreement.

Likewise, the Rector announced that UABCS is part of a network of 38 state public universities, allowing them to work together at the country level, strengthening cooperation between institutions in Mexico, and thus generating a more significant impact for the projects that derive from the agreement.

Meanwhile, Dr. Susan Studd announced that Ruhr-West University of Applied Sciences is a young institution, 15 years old, with an enrollment of 6,000 students and 100 teachers, focused on training engineers and developing high-impact research.

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He explained that they had recently begun interdisciplinary collaborations, especially with institutions in Europe and the United States, and for this reason the alliance with UABCS was considered transcendent, by opening the door of communication with Mexico and, more broadly, at the level of Latin America. .

For his part, Mr. Jesús Hernández, Director of ICT and Corporate Communications for UABCS underscored the agreement that the international drive for research, collaboration and research will be mutual and with global expectations.

For example, he talked about two specific projects they are already working on, namely a smoke detector and a water consumption meter, but also, in the same context, he said that the exchange of academic, scientific and teaching teachers and students, seeks to increase competitiveness and new cooperation options.

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