UAA’s Emerging Talent Film Series – El Sol del Centro

With the aim of showcasing the works of young and new directors cinematographic all over the world, Film University presents the film series “Emerging talent.”

It will be implemented from From December 2 to 8 this yearIt showed films from countries such as Italy, France, Canada, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, and others.

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There will be two daily functions that will be served in the hall “Dr. Pedro de Alba, At 5:00 pm and 8:00 pmwith free entry.

The bulletin board will open Saturday 2 Decemberwith projection “Magnetic heartbeat”Directed by Vincent Mile Cardona. A French-German production, for audiences over 15 years old.

Sunday 3 Decemberwill be displayed “Olympic Village”, produced by Chile, Argentina and Mexico, targets audiences of all ages. It’s a film by director Sebastian Cohan Esquinazi.

“The Fourth Monday,” directed by Christel Alves.“living soul”from Portugal-France-Belgium, for audiences over 15 years old.

“Hanging Gardens” It is produced by Iraq-Palestine-Egypt-United Kingdom-Saudi Arabia, directed by Ahmed Al-Daraji. Which will be held on Tuesday, December 5thAnd the. It is suitable for viewers over 15 years of age.

On Wednesday 6th, the film will be shown “Octopus skin.”Directed by Ana Cristina Barragán. Its origin is Ecuador-Mexico-Greece-Germany-France-Italy; It targets teenagers and adults.

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On Thursday, the 7th of the month, the film directed by Genevieve Alberto, “Noemí Dice Que Sí”, a Canadian production, will be shown. Aimed at audiences aged 15 and over.

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“Female.” “Law of Silence”is the film that will conclude this film series. It is a work of Italian originDirected by Francisco Costabile, it is suitable for teens and adults.

All performances are free, and since reservations are not required, it is recommended to arrive early. Because space is limited. More information at phone number 4499107400 extension 9030.


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