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There are situations when we don’t want to see ourselves obsessed with seeing a message right away or even listening to that audio message that piqued our interest, but curiosity wins over us, and sometimes misunderstandings arise (because a lot of times messages are misinterpreted ). But there is a “trick” that can help you know what the voice message says without having to enter the application and we will explain it to you below.

It is well known how messages are seen and not detected. We refer to this function in WhatsApp that allows us to disable read receipts and also gives us the option to choose who can see the time of the last connection. It is only necessary to go to Account> Privacy and there we select these options. But there’s still something… Voice notes, if what you’re looking for is to reproduce them without leaving a trace and not forcing you to respond, these tricks won’t let you down.

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How can I find out what the WhatsApp voice is saying without having to listen to it?

Trick #1

  1. The first thing is to turn to a contact whom you trust the most.
  2. Then a group will be created with said contact (details like profile picture or group name are already your choice)
  3. This step is necessary, since the other member of the chat will be deleted, which we can achieve by clicking on the title and his name in the list of participants. If you do well, you will be the only member left in that group.
  4. Now, once you receive the sound you wish to hear, all you have to do is click on it and voila We assign it to the group created in the previous step.
  5. Done, that way we’ll be free to play the audio with complete peace of mind and without them knowing you actually heard it.
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“Trick” number 2

In order to do this, what we will resort to is to use a Chat bot And the best thing is that you can have it Free and securepoint to luzia, Which will work as a WhatsApp contact. It is a kind of virtual assistant with which you can consult almost anything, such as translating several languages, asking questions, discovering tips, getting recommendations, and even Transcribing audio to text.

In order for you to benefit from LuzIA with WhatsApp audio, you must do the following:

  1. The first thing is to enter its official page by clicking on the following connectionThat is, in case you still don’t have LuzIA.
  2. Once you are on their website, you have to click on the button that says “WhatsApp” and with that you will open a chat in the application.
  3. Once you do that, you should send an automatic message that will appear in the conversation, which says: “Let’s talk about Luzia!”.
  4. You will see the privacy policy and general information about the chatbot.
  5. Once this is achieved, you will have to forward the audio that you want to transcribe to LuzIA chat.
  6. After that, it will automatically understand that you want to convert the audio into text, so in just a few seconds it will send it to you.

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