Twitter New Google Maps? Now companies will be able to tell you where to find them

Twitter I just mentioned that all companies have professional accounts They will be able to share information about their business location, opening hours or contact numbers through a new feature called “special location”.

This feature will help customers to easily find their business location within the platform and create a direct connection for any business transaction.

The means of contacting professional accounts will be: phone number, send SMS, DM in Twitter or send emails.

also, “special location” will have a map The Google It will provide valuable information for customers to reach the business. It is enough to click on the map for the tool to provide directions and access routes.

Where will this new Twitter tool be available?

This new feature Twitter It will be available to everyone starting today. In the initial tests for this job in June, It was only available to a small group of users in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

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How is the function activated?

If you have a professional account in Twitter And you are interested in using “special location” You just have to go to the section that says «Edit Professional Profile» And look for the option Profile profile.

Once there, you will only have to enter your business location, service hours, contact information and your website. Remember that the information will be publicly displayed in your account. Twitter, So try to be as accurate as possible.

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When you are sure that the information you have provided is correct, simply press the option “Mail” Located in the upper right corner and voila.

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