Turespaña activates the You Deserve Spain campaign in the UK

Coinciding with “Freedom Day” in England, this Monday, July 19, when all restrictions imposed by the pandemic are over and vaccinators with both doses can travel to amber countries, such as Spain, without having to comply with quarantine on their return, Turespaña launched the campaign in the United Kingdom You deserve Spain. On May 12, this campaign was presented in Spain, which aims to address the strong trend in domestic tourism discovered in our primary and secondary markets Source: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands and Poland. The €8 million campaign is mostly digital, although in some markets it will be boosted through print and outdoor advertising. From Monday, videos of the campaign can be seen in the Plaza de Piccadilly Circus, London.

Here you can find more information about the campaign You deserve SpainOn the objectives, target audience, markets and tourism products, as well as all the videos that make up this promotional action:

Who deserves Spain? All information about the You Deserve Spain . campaign

The launch of the campaign, on Monday, was chosen by Turespaña on her Twitter account:

As Spanish journalist Ainhua Paredes reported on her personal Twitter account the start of the campaign, with the videos shown in London’s Piccadilly Circus:

From Monday, Englishmen who have received two doses of the vaccine can travel to amber destinations knowing it when they return They don’t have to go into quarantine, and under the same conditions as if they had traveled to destinations green for an English traffic light.

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This change in standards by the British government, easing travel conditions to destinations in amber, mitigates cancellations caused by changing the Balearic Islands from green to amber in the latest traffic light adjustment, last week.

Both ‘Freedom Day’ and the Turespaña campaign coincided with a heatwave in the UK that has pushed temperatures in the country to over 30°C and is continuing this week, as we showed in Summer Come Kingdom. Good weather + traffic light = parking.

Promote Spain, in the heart of London.

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