Tunisia will start the vaccination campaign from February

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TUNISIA, January 20 (EFE) – Tunisia will start the Coronavirus vaccination campaign starting next February with the arrival of the first 500,000 doses from the Pfizer-Biontech laboratory at a time of increasing numbers of infections and deaths. They have reached their limits since the beginning of the epidemic.

Tunisian Health Minister Faouzi Mahdi explained, in a press conference held today in the capital, that the first vaccinations will be directed at health workers as well as people between the ages of 60 and 75 years of age who are of legal age. Suffer from chronic diseases. In addition to professionals with a national interest such as the military, transport and education.

According to the minister, six million doses will arrive as of April through the COVAX program – developed by the Coalition for Promoting Innovations for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), the Vaccination Alliance (Gavi), and the World Health Organization (WHO) – and will allow 30% of the population to be vaccinated, out of the total 11.5 million citizens.

He also mentioned that Tunisia is negotiating with the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Africa) to receive another 2.4 million doses in March.

In a joint project between the ministries of health and technology, the authorities launched today the electronic application “Evax” so that Tunisians can register for the 200-toilet vaccination campaign that aims to administer an average of 120,000 doses per day. .

Tunisia has so far recorded more than 184,000 injuries and 5,844 deaths, and reached the highest daily death toll on Tuesday, with 94 deaths. On January 14, the date which marks the tenth anniversary of the end of the dictatorship, the authorities decided to confinement for four days to avoid saturating most of the country’s hospitals.

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Despite the curfew – currently imposed between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am – a wave of nighttime clashes broke out between security forces and groups of youths across the country, causing the arrest of about a thousand citizens. People. EFE

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