Trump flirts with a possible 2024 presidential nomination

Life-size statue of Dand Trump at CPAC. Photo: AFP

Former US President Donald Trump confirmed, Sunday, in Florida, that “Trumpism” is not over yet, and that the Republican Party will arrive united and victorious in the upcoming legislative and presidential elections after the “disastrous” policies of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden.

In his first speech since the end of his term on January 20, Trump reviewed his four-year government and what he called the “incompetence” of the new administration, during a period Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) concludes in Orlando, In Central Florida.

The Republican particularly attacked the new immigration policies, stating that Biden had reopened the wolf business and a massive influx of illegal immigrants.

He also criticized The assumed “radical socialism” of the new government And its health, military, environmental, foreign and economic policies.

Although a possible candidacy to restore the White House was not announced as expected, and the “Trump 2024” shirts were sold during the conference, his speech sounded like a campaign.

Trump said that the Democrats “just lost the White House (…), but who knows, and who knows. Maybe I decide to defeat them for the third time,” as Trump said, reiterating his reluctance to admit his defeat last November and to insist on fraud that does not exist.

Conspiracy forum

The only president of the United States to face two political trials in his government, thus shutting down CPAC 2021, The forum ran for four days in keeping with its policies and conspiracy theories.

The Trumpians heard what they wanted to hear from their leader and the other speakers, that Biden “cheated” and lost. Some of the attendees even requested that signs be placed in front of the hotel in which the forum was held, in order to “sue” the Democrat.

Inside, Senator Josh Hawley drew the biggest ovation when he reminded the public of his refusal to believe Biden’s victory on the day of the Capitol attack by the Trumpists, on January 6, with the remaining five dead.

Thus speakers, the public and Trump challenged the legitimacy of the November election results, disparaging the press and technology companies that “canceled” the former president on social media.

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Trump stressed that “no matter how much the establishment in Washington and strong special interests want to silence us, there is no doubt that we will prevail and America will be stronger and bigger than ever.”

He stressed that Biden is taking advantage of the vaccines he promoted against the “Chinese virus” and the “distribution plan” that he left during his tenure, and once again mocked the use of masks.

With the gas mask, Eric Savani went to the forum, who told Effie that everyone would be like this by the end of 2021 if they stick to Biden’s policies.

In front of a jubilant crowd, “The 45th President of the United States,” the name the party has adopted in an apparent rejection of the “former president,” Trump and dozens of speakers celebrated the fewest restrictions in Florida during the pandemic that facilitated it. To host the forum that is usually held in Maryland.

The former president (2017-2021) who is now facing several criminal cases in the judicial courts, He was thus responsible for the reins of the party during the largest conservative forum in the country, Which however had many absentees.

They include former Vice President Mike Pence himself and former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, as well as Senator Rand Paul, who declined the invitation.

Those who are considered his critics have not been invited to CPAC, such as Senator Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell, the latter, his great political ally and the key to his acquittal in the Senate in the political trial of the Capitol attack, but nonetheless he said it did not end with Trump.

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Yesterday’s Republicans and President

The four-day convention turned against the “status quo” of the Republicans, as Trump McConnell called after impeachment.

Senator Ted Cruz said: “Donald Trump is not going anywhere.”

“We cannot and will not go back to the days of the failed Republican founding last year,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said. Minutes before Trump rose to the podium, CPAC revealed poll results for the conference in which the former president had a 55% preference if the election was today, followed by DeSantis with 21%.

“We must unite as conservatives and move forward with the remarkable achievements of former President Trump,” said Larry Kudlow, his chief economic adviser, who described him as the “boss” of the party.

At the moment, one of the goals of Trump, who has been staying since January 20, at the end of his term, at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach (Florida), is one of the goals of restoring the majority in Congress in 2022, where he resides and has visited aspirants in search of his blessing.

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