Trump emerges from the 2024 elections, is considered the Republican Senator

Today Republican Senator Bill Cassidy expected him to be the former president Donald Trump He will be outside the party’s nomination for The 2024 elections.

In statements to CNN’s State of the Union program, the parliamentarian indicated the number of seats lost in the House and Senate during Trump’s four years in office.

Cassidy did not comment on whether she would support the former president in the event that this happened. “This is a theory that I don’t think will ever happen,” he said.

“I don’t want to avoid that, but the truth is that he could ask me about a lot of people, if they are appropriate. The important point is that I don’t think he’s our candidate,” he said.

He argued that political campaigns consist of winning and losing the White House, House of Representatives and Senate with Trump. The senator said this only happened once when Herbert Hoover was president.

Cassidy also ruled out the possibility that the New York billionaire would continue to dominate the Republican organization, despite the support he was receiving in Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Taking place in Orlando, Florida.

“CPAC is not the entire Republican party,” he said, while arguing that his organization should focus less on personalities and more on speaking to Trump supporters in 2016, who voted for President Joe Biden in November.

Cassidy was one of seven Republicans in the Senate who voted earlier this month to convict Trump during the former president’s second trial.

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