Trick to find out what the deleted message said

Today we will introduce you to a the trick Within the application The WhatsApp from which you can discover what message They previously deleted it so keep reading to learn how to do it step by step.

Recently a celebrity trick Request From WhatsApp that undoubtedly spread on social networks to find out what message your contact deleted in the application.

The truth is that netizens wondered how to find out what the deleted message said, so we share the details of the WhatsApp hoax that caused a stir in various social networks, so that the trick spread widely and attracted the attention of netizens.

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It should be noted that the instant messaging app has achieved popularity over the years as it brings together millions of users who have downloaded the app to connect with their family, friends and co-workers, being a very popular platform for the most part. world, although some users are not aware of the various tricks.

In fact, we shared with you a couple of days ago how to find out who your partner or any contact is talking to most within the app, to find out who is the contact they have the most contact with in the app.

However, now they have revealed an interesting trick that has been posted on social networks which is to know which message has been deleted from the conversation.

It is not possible to recover all messages deleted from the application, it only applies to those that have been saved in the backup, however, what is possible is to observe the preview of the notifications that have reached the mobile, what details they sent and who sent them.

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Users have to enter the Settings option, find the Alerts option and tap then search for Advanced and tap then select and activate Notification History so if someone deletes the message the user can go to the notification history to be able to review the preview .

On the other hand, the popular messaging application has more than 20 tricks shared through social networks, one of them is to restore a conversation that was deleted by mistake, it only works if the user has made a backup of the application, as well as hide the “inline”, type in the line Bold, italic, and underline.

You also have the option to put music in states, you have two accounts of the app on the same mobile device, this way also as a WhatsApp Web trick to use two accounts at the same time, send giant emojis, create a conversation with your own, see the status of the application without your contacts knowing.

Additionally, the app allows watching YouTube videos from the same chat conversations.

In the same way, they shared how to create and download animated stickers shared through YouTube tutorials, although they recommend against downloading weird apps for programming Christmas messages.

In addition, the thing that also caught the attention of the users was the trick that allows you to send audios with the Spanish Loquendo voice, but the requirement is that you have an Android cell phone.

In fact, other users have shared how to make video calls to up to 50 people, as well as changing the line to 120 different lines.

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There is no doubt that the popular application has caused quite a stir, although the WhatsApp trick has caught the attention of Internet users, where users can see the message they have deleted, because some users decide to delete the messages they sent to the chat of a contact or group.

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