Treasury inspectors resume the election of the Chancellor of the Exchequer in London, who previously held the Cabinet position

They are accused of appointing a technical secretary general for the Ministry of Finance until a few days ago

Madrid, February 12. (European Press) –

The Association of State Treasury Inspectors (IHE) announced on Monday the filing of a controversial administrative appeal against the appointment by freely appointing the Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance until a few days ago, Marta de Andres Novo, as a new position. UK Finance Minister.

The inspectors consider that Marta de Andres Novo's CV does not comply “with the merits and requirements requested in the invitation to fill the aforementioned position,” as they explained in a statement.

The Association believes that this award is not sufficiently motivated and does not meet the requirements stipulated in the invitation requiring the approval of “knowledge of tax, customs and budgetary matters, especially in their international aspects.”

As the inspectors stated, the Royal Decree regulating the provision of positions in the financial departments of the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Spain expressly indicates that these positions are best filled by members of one of the higher bodies associated with the Republic. The Ministry, state treasury inspectors, state auditors and auditors, or by state lawyers who can prove at least five years of experience in a position of responsibility in the Ministry of Finance. In addition, it requires, among other requirements, proof of expertise in subjects related to the position to be filled.

For the Association, it is “worrying” that positions of such importance and specialization as those now given to the UK Treasury, in which the main issues of the interests of Spain and its nationals abroad are managed, are being entrusted to people who “have not proven in their professional careers the basic requirements required by the position.” mentioned.”

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“The unwanted politicization that has occurred in public administration in recent years has once again become evident,” the inspectors criticized.

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