Transportation service in Ecuador’s capital has been suspended due to the protest

The decision was reported in a statement issued by Quito Metropolitan Public Transport Corporation (Epmtpq).

According to the example, during this day the trolleybus, ecovía, and the 48 routes that operate at its stations and stations will not work.

The Epmtpq website explained that the aim of this ruling is to preserve the integrity of the company’s users and officials, in the context of demonstrations and barriers amid the indefinite strike that began on June 13.

Finally, the authority stressed that security in the stops, stations and stations of the system is maintained 24 hours a day.

The day before, on a tour of the various points in the capital where the moves were taking place, Prensa Latina found little movement of citizens in the streets, some arteries blocked by protesters and empty stations.

And the days of protest led to the suspension of face-to-face lessons in the capital’s schools, as well as in universities, where teaching takes place almost in the face of citizens’ mobility problems.

Likewise, road closures or closures also affected transportation to Mariscal Sucre International Airport, where at least a dozen domestic and foreign flights were cancelled.

At the moment, the popular uprising, called by the Union of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Kone), continues indefinitely, waiting for the government to accept the guarantees request submitted by the social organizations to sit at the dialogue table.

Among the reasons for the strike are citizens’ demands for a higher cost of living, budget cuts in education and health, insecurity, illegal mining and unemployment, among others.

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