Totimi wants to reach the United States, Latin America and Asia in just two years

The Toteemi sports platform is already looking for new challenges for 2024 International expansion seems like a great goal.

The expansion that comes after the unification of Toteemi In 2023, its B2B business will reach 4 million registered activities and 50,000 total users.

Among the future plans of the company founded by Antonio Duarte, Alfredo Lagoya, Pamela Zuloaga and Fernando Pascua, the expansion of the platform in the United States and Latin America appears on the horizon. “We are also developing the trade area in the United States with many states and also closing cooperation in Canada. The concept of Toteemi, as a platform that brings a touch to sports gaming, is innovative and disruptive. We've seen that it works, and that it persuades and engages both businesses and users. Being in these countries is a challenge but also a necessity and a great business opportunity. “It is time to prioritize and reach fully explorable markets.” says Antonio Duarte, one of the company's founders.

In 2023, Toteemi also signed agreements with companies such as Decathlon, Samsung or Crown Sports Nutrition that helped expand the brand, although B2B business was highlighted as one of the company's pillars, which they hope to expand by monetizing the B2C model. “Both business models feed into each other. B2C is what makes Toteemi's B2B attractive, as a platform for qualified users who can be reached directly and efficiently. B2B is the catalyst for user activity with prizes and benefits for the winners of the battles,” says Duarte. Which is already looking forward to the year 2024 which is of great importance for the company's expansion.

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