Top 9 Funny Sites To Get Stuck On

Don’t know what to do in your free time? Already tried all the games at, but you’re still bored and want something else? Here’s a selection of great sites that will help you “kill time” and at the same time gain new knowledge (including for children).

1. Write a Letter to the Future Using This Platform

Or not yourself, but your comrade. The service allows you to postpone sending a letter to a specified moment. You can, for example, say hello to yourself in 2030, or write plans for the year, schedule an e-mail on December 31, and then check whether you’ve done everything.

On the main page, enter the text of the letter, specify the date of sending and the recipient’s mailing address, decide on the privacy of the message and click on the bright gradient button.

The site has a section where you can read public emails. A more customizable Pro version for teachers, communities, and brands should be available in 2018.

2. Guess Where You Are by Using

This is a game based on the panoramas (Google Street View) in Google Maps. You are sent to a random spot on the map, and you have to guess what country you are in. The closer to the correct location you indicate your location, the more points you get. The game is interesting because it allows you to get acquainted with the landscapes of other countries and test your knowledge of geography. Almost a trip, but over the Internet.

3. Paint a Picture in Sand at

Here you can draw pictures of “sand” by filling the screen with different colors. In fact, it’s not so simple – to “pour” something beautiful, you have to try a little bit. However, this drawing game is really addictive. The process of filling the page with sand is announced with the sound of soothing rustling, which, however, can be turned off. 

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You can save the sand paintings in the gallery, where thousands of works have already been accumulated. You can choose a drawing for wallpaper or even a print to hang in the office and pass off as a “fashionable rarity” just from the auction. The choice is huge, from test pampering to surrealism.

4. Feel Like an Alchemist at

In the beginning, you will have four basic elements: water, fire, air, and earth. Combining them with each other you can create 550 different substances and objects!

5. Explore Space With

This is a 3D model of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Here you will find all the planets, stars, and other celestial objects, you can appreciate the scale of the galaxy and get closer to the cosmos. By the way, on this site, you can hang out with children for a long time and clearly explain the basics of astronomy to them.

6. Find the Invisible Cow Here At:

Have you ever seen a cow the size of 1 pixel? And this fun site prompts you to find her on a completely white screen. As a clue, you’re constantly being told the word Cow, and the closer you get to the cow, the louder it gets.  Try to find it, just don’t turn the sound up to full volume. Those who have enough patience to get to level 50 will unlock a new secret animal.

7. Create an Unusual Creature With Intelligence

This simulation game shows how artificial intelligence develops. You can create your own “creature” from a set of bones, muscles, and joints and watch it learn to walk.

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8. Well Drawn! Visit 

A site for those who like to draw and stump artificial intelligence. A neural network offers to draw this or that thing and then guesses. The game has 6 rounds, after which you will be shown all your drawings, as well as offer to look at the “masterpieces” of other players.

9. Listen to Wikipedia here:

An unusual site allows you to not only see but also hear Wikipedia in real-time. Edits and new articles are displayed as sounds and multicolored circles, and the bigger the edit, the lower the sound. In addition, the service captures every new user of the World Encyclopedia.

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