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World Box Office Weekend Report: October 13-15, Week 41 of 2023.

  • Taylor Swift rescues theaters from their devastating decline last month with a surprise debut.
  • Paw Patrol continues its moderate stability and is accompanied by a beautiful singer.

Weekly top five rankings in the world

World Top 5 Analysis

The fifth is “The Creator” (sci-fi/adventure). Box office failure.

“Resistance” drops one position, maintains excellent stability below 35%, but does not work verbally. It did not generate the expected expectations, despite the positive acceptance by specialized critics and the public, but Disney’s negative series with its productions in 2023 in its celebration of the 100th anniversary does not seem to have ended.

The fourth is “Under the Light” (police drama).

Go down to one position. The new production of the famous director Zhang Yimou remains steady for three consecutive weeks in first place in its territory, China. Despite the terrible reviews that his film received, it continues to increase its coffers. It was released last weekend in some regions around the world for a limited time.

The third is “The Exorcist: Believer” (horror).

He falls from first place easily. This production is one of the biggest disappointments of 2023. The $400 million Universal paid for this franchise was expensive. Such as “La Monja 2” and “Juegos Macabros X”, which were profitable, but failed to expectations. When goals are not achieved, it means they have failed to position themselves, and this is a very important detail for the horror genre.

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Part 2, “Paw Patrol: The Great Movie” (animation).

It remains in second place for the second week in a row, representing an excellent pace of stability, in China and Mexico they have gained their audience and at the domestic box office they have exceeded $50 million, and their goal is to exceed $150 million in revenue. The Puppies recouped their production costs, but their advertising expenses put them in a difficult position.

The first is “Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages” (concert-documentary-nonfiction).

the first show. This production does not have the support of Hollywood studios, it works with two of the most important cinema chains in the world AMC and Cinemark, and is financed by Taylor Swift’s production company. They operate with a production cost of $20 million and advertising expenditures of $40 million, and the highlight is that it has been released in 95 territories around the world, and a few Hollywood films have been released in 85 territories.

  • It broke the domestic box office record (USA/Canada) in this format that had been held since 2011 by “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never,” which debuted to $73 million, finishing second to “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.” Michael Jackson: That’s “It” from 2009 which debuted with $72 million Taylor Swift debuted with $92.8 million, ranking first in history.
  • It came close to breaking the record for Joker ($96.2 million) at the domestic box office, and it is the film with the best opening in the history of the month of October in cinema.
  • It is the only film since Oppenheimer’s release to exceed $100 million at the global box office.
  • In the rest of the world (international box office) the film grossed $32 million, its best debut.
  • The highest-grossing film in history in this format is “Michael Jackson: This Is It” with $261 million.
  • It was a success: a $128 million blockbuster, receiving excellent reviews from critics and audiences.

Leaves the global top 5 of the week

“SAW Moderate success.

It was in the top five for just one week, another one of 2023’s big disappointments in overall attendance. The domestic box office (USA/Canada) was its strong point, collecting $41.9 million, and at the international box office (rest of world) it had a low reception with $24.9 million, only two countries standing out: the United Kingdom ($4.6 million) . ) and Mexico (4.6 million). This week it will likely go to digital rental and the only redeemable thing about this production is its profitability.

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“The Equalizer 3” (Action). Moderate success.

Last weekend, The Justiciero with Denzel Washington premiered in more territories around the world, especially in Latin America where it achieved a decent audience, collecting $5.7 million. It achieved excellent reception in the USA/Canada, exceeding $90 million and in the rest of the world collecting $86.8 million. The five most accepting territories: United Kingdom ($10.1 million), Australia ($6.4 million), Spain ($5 million), Netherlands ($3.3 million) and Italy ($2 million). In digital rental, this is a massive success at the domestic box office. It should be kept in mind that it is an R-rated film.

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