Tomorrow, the Dominicans will elect a president from among nine candidates

The head of the Central Electoral Council (JCE), Roman Jaquez, reported that this Saturday, equipment for digitization, scanning, and results transmission will be located and tested in the electoral districts, and the materials will be delivered to the heads of the electoral districts. Colleges.

Jacquez explained that the chairs and secretaries of the table will review the documents and the equipment will be guarded by members of the electoral police.

The Joint Electoral Commission announced last night that the Permanent Conference of Political Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean (COPAL) will deploy 110 of its members in the 20 provinces (out of 32) with the largest number of voters.

These observers come from 30 countries, and meet before the elections with the leaders and candidates of the seven parties that belong to that organization in the Dominican Republic, according to the Electoral College.

They did so on Friday with the Partido Moderne Revolution (PRM) and the Partido Liberation Dominican (PLD).

They are also members of the Copppal la Fuerza del Pueblo (FP), the Dominican Revolutionary Parties (PRD), the Social Democratic Revolutionary Parties (PRSD), the Social Democratic Institutional Bloc (BISD), and Pais Posible (PP).

There are 21 international missions in the country to conduct the elections, including the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Latin American Council of Electoral Experts, the Organization of American States, and the European Union delegation in the country. The Parliament of Central America.

About 200,000 people will work in the elections, including about 50,000 members of the military electoral police, which will be responsible for security and order before, during and after the vote.

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Nine presidential candidates are competing in the elections, including only two women.

The latest opinion polls published last Wednesday showed President Luis Abinader, of the Popular Movement Party, as the favorite, but the Alianza Rescate RD (made up of the opposition parties FP, PLD and PRD) is confident of returning to the polls on June 30 in the 2018 elections. .


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