Tom Parker delighted with the brain tumor significantly shrinking after harsh treatment

Tom Parker shared his joy with fans after his brain tumor showed significant reduction after treatment.

Take to Instagram The sought-after singer praised the NHS when he posted: “Big discount. These are the words I received today and I can’t stop saying them over and over again.”

He shared a picture with his wife, Kelsey, and their baby, stating he was “responding well” to treatment.

Tom, 32, wrote: “I had an MRI scan on Tuesday and my results today are a significant tumor reduction and I am responding well to the treatment. Every day I continue to struggle to shrink this bastard!”

Tom Parker is pleased that the treatment helped reduce the size of the brain tumor

“I can’t thank the great NHS enough. You all are going through a tough time but we appreciate the work you all do on the frontline.”

Kelsey and Tom welcomed their son Buddy in October of last year, and they joined their one-year-old daughter, Aurelia Rose. Tom said he was fighting “every second” to be there for his young children.

He wrote: “To my wonderful wife Embed a Tweet Which was literally my rock. My kids – I fight for you every second of every day.

“ Friends, family and everyone else is on this journey with me – I had my darkest days.

“To everyone here – I am inspired by your love, light and positivity. No message has gone unnoticed, it has given me so much strength.

“This ride is a roller coaster ride for sure. Today is a good day.”

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Tom previously told fans he’s getting there “day in and day out”

He and wife Kelsey welcomed their baby son late last year

Fellow Harry Judd responded to the post with multiple hands of emoji.

And Olympic Becky Adlington chanted, “Yes Tom !!! What wonderful words to hear! Very pleased.”

Jordan Banjo wrote of Variety: “Yes, Brother.” Share a heart-shaped emoji.

For her part, Kelsey re-posted a blog for followers saying: “Lots of emotional tears this morning.”

She and Tom have been together for over 10 years after they originally met in a nightclub.

They celebrated their engagement in 2016 and tied the knot two years later in July 2018.

On October 12, 2020, Kelsey was by Tom’s side as he broke the tragic news of stage 4 cancer with fans.

He wrote, “There is no easy way to say this but unfortunately I have been diagnosed with a brain tumor and am now receiving treatment.”

Proud Father Tom said he was fighting to be there for his young children
Proud Father Tom said he was fighting to be there for his young children

He continued, “We are all totally devastated but we will fight this along the way. We do not want your sadness, we just want love and positivity and we will work together to increase awareness of this terrible disease and search for all available treatment options.”

“It’s going to be a tough fight but with everyone’s love and support we’ll beat this. Tom and Kelsey xxx.”

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