Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Samoa withdraws its three weightlifters from the Olympics


07/01/2021 –

Samoa has decided that its three Olympic weightlifting representatives will not attend the Tokyo Olympics due to the coronavirus pandemic, as announced by its Olympic Committee. A few hours ago, Radio New Zealand had reported that the interim government of Samoa would withdraw its entire Olympic team.

Patrick Vipulay, president of the Samoa National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation, said in a statement that بيان The three athletes who make up the country’s weightlifting team, and who currently live in Samoa, will not participate. but others The Olympic event will be attended by eight Samoans who qualified for the Games because they do not reside in the country.

These eight athletes, who will represent Samoa in boxing, sailing, rowing, athletics and judo, will attend because they do not live in Samoa. There are two regularly in Australia, four in New Zealand, one in the United States and one in Japan. After the Olympics they will return to these places instead of Samoa,

We understand the government’s decision, especially the need to protect Samoa from the virusEspecially the new boom that is now spreading all over the world.”

“It’s awful, it’s frustrating, it’s very frustrating. They’ve decided that no one should leave Samoa. Talk to Rafei this afternoon and share the bad newsJerry Wall Work, Samoa’s head of weightlifting, told Reuters Tubibi.

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