Together in a wild selfie! Ariana Grande, Megan Thai Stallion and Doga Cat reveal their long-awaited project

Three queens in the picture are asking for a lot, however Ariana Grand Made it possible. The 27-year-old pop star shook social media sites on Friday with a photo with the rapper Megan Thay Stallion s Doja CatBoth, 25. The wild selfie was going to appear in the middle of shooting a video “34 + 35 remixes”Where the three translators will appear for the first time.

Ariana simply captioned the photos with a white heart, while Megan single-handedly wrote: “Beauty.” Doja also shared the photo with the “hourglass” emoji, adding a picture of the three showing their eyes. Grande also uploaded a photo of three of them lying on the ground watching an old TV that mirrored a different shot of the three faces.

Although the timing of the shooting of the music video has not been confirmed, the date January 29, 2021, appears on TV, indicating that the three gathered on that day to give life to the new version of “34 + 35”. The remix came out on January 15th, and since then, it’s been climbing the spots on the music charts. Doja and Megan added new verses to the original track on Ariana’s sixth album, «Positions».

In the middle of Ariana’s Instagram post, model Chrissy Teigen writes, “Thirty-four and thirty-five.” The MTV account said, “I was born to judge this,” while a fan pointed out the Grammy Award winner, “You all look so beautiful.” The clip will likely come out this month, taking advantage of the fact that the song came out of the oven.

On Monday, February 1st, the Grand announced the launch of a deluxe edition of “The Positions”. Nobody, not even the most famous artist, expected a new production for the pop star soon. Although he did not reveal the release date, he said it will feature 19 songs in total, including “34 + 35 Remix” and four new songs whose names have not been revealed.

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