Tips and exercises to avoid this disease

yesterday is Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), mentioned That the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease They can be presented around the age of 35, and given that, we share some of them Advice And exercise Which you can implement to avoid their appearance and ensure that Psychological health.

The first thing you can do, and perhaps one of the hardest habits to follow, is to get a good night’s sleep. Ideally, you should sleep between 7 and 8 hours every night, and less than 5 hours of nightly rest can lead to something bad for your health.

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Foods containing vitamin E should be a staple in your diet from now on. Eat seeds and nuts regularly as a snack between meals, or leafy greens in addition to some whole foods.

Establish a regular exercise routine. A good start would be to walk for at least 20 minutes each day. Later, you can increase the exercises with an exercise routine that requires coordination and one for cardio.

Alzheimer's disease: tips and exercises to prevent this disease

Photo: Cuartoscuro, archive.

It can be a little difficult in our time, but avoid stress at all costs. Learn breathing exercises if you are exposed to stressful situations in your work environment. And at the end of your day, relax, and create an environment where you feel calm.

Challenge your brain, stimulate your brain with trivia, puzzles, riddles, plus reading and crafts. Anything that involves constant thinking and searching for answers will help you mentally.

Likewise, enhancing social contact, whether with your family, friends, colleagues at work or school, will be beneficial for your cognitive health. If you implement these tips and perform some exercises, you can avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

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