Tips and Advice for Successful NFL Betting

With the NFL playoffs soon to start, the interest in betting on some gridiron games increases. We are ahead of arguably the most exciting part of the year when it comes to US sports, and that’s why explaining a few details regarding betting could be beneficial.

NFL odds are among the most searched items on the web these days, but there are plenty more bettors need to know once stepping into this territory. In the next few lines, we will explain how to bet on the NFL and present some essential tips for making your betting more profitable.

The most popular NFL bets are those linked with one game and its final outcome.

  1. Moneyline
  2. Spread
  3. Totals

Moneyline is when you pick one team to win the contest. Some would call it a straight-up bet because you choose one team to beat the other, and that’s it. Pretty much the most straightforward activity in betting overall. 

In the game between the Packers, who are, according to the Vegas NFL odds, -160, and the Bears +165, the franchise from Green Bay is the favorite. That -165 means you have to invest $165 to earn $100. As for the Bears, +165 implies that on $100 invested, your potential return is $165. 

Spread is a bit more interesting. In this case, betting algorithms and specialists tend to even the odds at -110 for both sides, but with one condition. We’ll take the Packs and the Bears once again as an example. Green Bay is the favorite but spreads betting takes away a certain amount of points from their score and hands it over to the Bears. 

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Let’s say the spread on the Packs is -5.5 and on the Bears +5.5. It means that the Packers need to beat the rivals with at least a six-point margin for your bet to be successful, and on the other hand, the Bears have the luxury of losing with five points or fewer. Basically, the spread is used to even the chances of both teams.

Totals are also a pretty straightforward bet and one of the most popular. When you type for lines, you will get the bookmakers’ offer for a combined number of points in one game. Example – Packers vs. Bears 46.5. 

The total number of points here needs to be either higher or lower than the presented number, and we don’t care about the winner of the game. If you bet on Over, the only important thing is the combined points of the teams eclipse the line; let’s say that the Bears win 30-21. 

Now about certain tips for making your NFL betting more efficient and profitable. 

One of the most critical things in the process of your betting is that you need to follow the current form of the teams involved. To see which team has more wins in a row, which one struggles with the offense or defense, what their results are on the road or at home, against the conference and division rivals, etc. So that is the most important condition of all. 

The second factor you have to take care of is absences. It doesn’t matter whether they are due to injuries or suspensions, or other types. What matters is the presence on the field. The more important players are out, the lower the chances of victory.

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The weather has a big role in NFL lines betting. Even though we have more and more closed facilities involved, some teams remain to play outside. We have to watch out for the weather factors; if there is heavy rain in Kansas City or snow and wind in Green Bay, that will for sure decrease the number of points.

The context of the game is another thing you need to check out. If one team secures the playoff spot, and the other needs to win to reach the postseason, even though there is a high difference in quality, the weaker team has a solid chance of winning due to the motive.

These are, in short, guidelines for profitable and successful NFL betting you need to follow.

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