Time lapse of how to remove ash from La Palma volcano

A lot of ash from La Palma volcano accumulates on the island, on roads and on homes. They recorded an interval ofI love the world’ How soldiers clean ash from rooftops to prevent heaviness from collapsing buildings.

In the video you can see an accelerating image. Show business hours and hours for all of these effective. Plus, although there is no sound to it, there is a soundtrack on the island, the sound of ash blowers or the tractors themselves removing ash from the La Palma volcano wherever it accumulates.

The time lapse shows the hours that firefighters, soldiers, and even volunteers and islanders have lived since 45 days Which holds the La Palma volcano in case of eruption. However, on some of those days, such as yesterday or today, November 2 and 3, weather conditions do not cause the ash to scatter as much and thus fall back onto previously cleaned surfaces or places.

Poor air quality due to La Palma volcano

Although it has already improved, during yesterday and today, November 2 and 3, the air quality was “very unfavorable” as a result of the La Palma volcano. It’s dawn today between ash and sulfur dioxide, In addition to fog and volcanic dust. Therefore, experts are concerned about the development of air quality.

In fact, schools are closed for this reason. So students receive lessons online. In addition to, the authorities Recommended to use masks and goggles in case you go out, although it is advisable not to, especially in the case of immunosuppressed people.

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The airport is closed due to the La Palma volcano

Ash cloud from La Palma volcano also affected the work of airport The island. Several flights scheduled for today have been suspended. November 3, so thousands of tourists were affected. They have no return flight.

Meanwhile, machines are trying to remove ash from the runways. Travelers are not too anxious, because they already know what they have been through La Palma volcano. All this is due to the fact that the ejection of ash has increased.

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