Time and cost discourage 60% of consumers from following a healthy diet

next to, Six out of ten consumers admit they try to eat a balanced diet, but face budget and time barriers. These factors become major obstacles to achieving healthy eating. An analysis of the evolution of customers’ purchasing and eating habits is carried out to understand their needs and facilitate the adoption of a balanced and nutritious diet without compromising on the budget.

Vegetables, fruits and dairy products. | Pixabay

In the study organized by Diya supermarkets, 85% of those interviewed were made up of 14% men and 82% womenEveryone is interested in maintaining a healthy diet and good habits. More than 20% of participants trying to follow a healthy diet said they had little time To eat and prefer a faster diet, 14% did not know which products are healthy and 5% did not know about attractive recipes.

Include high-fiber foods and cleansing foods in your meals.
Include high-fiber foods and cleansing foods in your meals. | Pixels

Grupo Día strives through this initiative Strengthen actions to facilitate geographic and economic access to quality, healthy food. They also promote knowledge and adoption of healthy habits by publishing educational content on their websites and social media channels to help achieve a better diet on a reasonable budget.

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