Three men have been charged in the UK with collaborating with Hong Kong intelligence services

Madrid, May 13. (European Press) –

Three men have been charged with violating the national security law by allegedly cooperating with Hong Kong’s intelligence services and committing the crime of “foreign interference,” UK police reported on Monday.

The London Metropolitan Police said in a statement that the three accused are Chee Leung Wai (38 years old), Matthew Trickett (37 years old) and Chung Pyo Yuen (63 years old).

The indictment against him came after an investigation conducted by the British Police’s Anti-Terrorism Unit with the assistance of other units responsible for similar cases. Security forces arrested eight men and a woman on May 1 in Yorkshire. Two other men were later arrested in the same case.

The majority of them – seven men and the detained woman – were released on May 10, The Guardian reported. Meanwhile, the head of the police’s counter-terrorism unit, Dominic Murphy, indicated that this type of crime is “worrying.”

He concluded by saying: “I want to assure the population that there is no longer any danger resulting from this. The investigation is ongoing, but now that charges have been brought, it is best not to speculate or comment on the details of the case.”

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