Three generations of “Vigo in English” will go to the UK or Ireland in 2022

The municipal language immersion program for young people “Vigo en Inglés” will once again be affected by the epidemic. After a comment last year, the ongoing health crisis does not make it possible for the time being for young Vigo to reside in the UK or Ireland to master their English language skills, although the board is already proposing an alternative: a total of three generations of young people benefit from this program. They belong to the last three calls – they will travel to the British Isles in 2022.
“I want generations and generations of Vigo to speak Spanish, Galician and English,” said Abel Caballero, stressing that “the epidemic has an expiration date” and that teenagers in Vigo will be able to enjoy this experience once the health status returns to normal. The municipal government is working on calling for this year, studying deadlines so that those interested can submit their applications. “We have the necessary resources,” added a member of the Vigo council.
Last year, as a result of the onset of the pandemic, the city council proposed sending 776 scholarship students in 2020 and 2021 in July and October respectively. Consequently, the program was temporarily postponed with the expectation that the health situation could normalize in the current year. Unfortunately, this was not the case, forcing the board to reopen the program the following year.
Following this new roadmap, with the call to open very soon, in 2022, there will be scholarship holders from “Vigo in English” who begin the fourth year of ESO – the academic year in which young Vigo usually make trips for their language immersion – To which first- and second-year high school students will be added – scholarships in 2021 calls and those in 2020 who have already secured their place since last year. For this reason, the council is also working on appropriate programming so that a residence in the British Isles in 2022 does not adversely affect the development of the courses these young people take.

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