Thousands of flights were canceled in the US due to a severe winter storm Economie

The United States will spend Christmas in the midst of a severe winter storm that has caused almost the entire country to drop in temperature. From the Canadian border to the Mexican border and coast to coast, the data from The US Weather Service (NWS) shows it About 240 million people underwent some form of winter weather monitoring or advisory on Friday.

The worst part is that the states border Canada. In the Great Lakes region in the north of the country, the thickness of snow reaches one and a half meters at some points, according to RTVE.

To get an idea of ​​the scale of the phenomenon, in New York, on the east coast, the mayor decreed a state of emergency in the city. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, Spanish time, the temperature reached -13C, while the heat sensation was -26C.

The storm caused power outages affecting 1.8 million people, according to Reuters. Severe weather also made navigating a mission impossible in some cases on key dates in terms of commuting.

By air, about 4,300 flights were canceled Saturday in the United States. That number is added to the nearly 6,000 cancellations that occurred on Friday, according to data from the FlightAware website compiled by Efe, causing despair among users at many airports in the country. The airports most affected by cancellations and delays are Detroit (Michigan), Atlanta (Georgia), Minneapolis (Minnesota) and Seattle (Washington state). Additionally, those in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Buffalo (New York) are closed.

Overland, CNN reported that snow causes car accidents. By mid-afternoon on Saturday, at least 14 deaths from collisions related to inclement weather had already been recorded, according to the aforementioned series.

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Specifically, the American Automobile Association calculated that 112.7 million people planned to travel 80 kilometers or more from home between last Friday and January 2. But time forces a change of plans.

about it andUS Weather Service He warned through a statement that travel in some areas of the country would be “extremely dangerous and even impossible” and warned that “icy winds are a mortal danger for tripping travelers.” Starting Sunday, the storm is expected to lose strength.

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