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Implementation Threads From Xiaomi it allows us to change and customize the MIUI interface. We’re not just talking about modifying icons or wallpaper, we’re also talking about changing the look of the control panel, lock screen, or Incorporating new widgets as permitted by the topic we’re going to talk about.

After I bring you the best options in order to Turn a Xiaomi phone into an iPhone, OnePlus or PixelToday we want to talk about it Pure 2 Pro V12, Which is the most interesting topic it will give you A purer, clearer touch for your Xiaomi device, And fill it with new animations and tools.

This theme was designed by Laura 2014 And it was without a doubt one of the best topics we’ve tried in recent months. Its icons are very well designed in addition to that, Many of them feature attractive animations.

The lock screen and desktop pc are customizable.

He adds, but not everything is there, this topic which stands out for being a clear and simple topic at the same time. Fully customizable lock screenThis allows us to choose multiple designs and add all kinds of elements and shortcuts.

This theme will give Xiaomi a new twist and fill it with UI elements.  Xiaomi news addicts

Also, from its settings We can integrate many tools on desktop devices, All of them have the same icon design. The perfect combination merges in turn A simpler control panel But with all the functions of the new MIUI 12 Control Center.

Download the Pure 2 Pro V12 theme to your Xiaomi phone

Before downloading the theme Pure 2 Pro V12 We will have to change the Xiaomi region. After downloading it, we can return to the area we want and it will not involve any kind of risk. To do this, we reach Settings> Additional settings> RegionAs soon as we enter, we change what must be ‘India«.

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Only after that Access this link And open it from the Xiaomi Themes app. Once in, we just have to Install the theme as if it were any other traditional theme. When we install it, from the lock screen we can customize all its elements to our liking.

In case you are not able to access through the link provided, you can also Search for “Pure2 Pro V12” in the Themes app itselfYes, after changing the region to India.

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