“This show should always be”

“This show should always be”Marta J Pria

The great reception of Severino de Blas’ last great service to our city is the best possible tribute to the man who became the official historian of Vigo. The exhibition presents a journey through the historical figures who set foot in Vigo. celebrities like Picasso, Einstein, Hawking or Evita Peron They meet in an unprecedented gallery located on Rua de Principe. The enormous paintings that catch the eye of everyone passing by will be available on the central street of Vigo Until next August 31. Until then, visitors can take advantage of these final days to enjoy a work that may never be shown again.

No one doubts that the content of the exhibition causes great surprise to locals and foreigners, and no one imagined that a large number of historical figures such as those shown on the paintings passed through the olive-growing city. This whole situation leads many to wonder, why is this unknown? Among those who ask this question is Dionysio Comisania.

Dionysio Comisana

born in vigo, He lived all his life in Denmark. To him, it is inconceivable that these stories get so little publicity. “There is a lot that is unknown about this city…not only in this case, but in terms of architecture, history and heritage… I think such activities should get more recognitionDionysus explains.

Susie Vinas

Among the visitors who enjoyed the paintings yesterday was a woman who photographed them. It comes to Viggo’s daughter, Susie Vinas, immigrated to the United Kingdom. She herself admits: “I’m in a hurry, I take pictures of them to read quietly at home. I want to know the history of my father’s city, it means a lot to me.”

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A similar case is the case Pia Paredesfigo from “forever”, He passed several times in front of the gallery, but didn’t have time to stop to look at it carefully. And when he found out that it would not be available soon, he decided to get acquainted once and for all with the work of Severino de Blas.

Pia Paredes

“We need more exhibitions like this in Vigo. I hope you talk to the mayor or someone else so that all this is transferred to a museum and can be visited permanently,” adds the woman from Vigo, who He showed some surprise when he saw that there were Nazis among the dignitaries. “I thought you were going to ignore them,” he adds. “You have to know the good and the bad that happened here.”

Juan Carlos Viti

Some people even know the show almost by heart, as with Juan Carlos Viti. He is a Cadiz native who lives in Vigo, and works near where the panels are located. “I take the opportunity every day to read more about the exhibition before going to work.”, it states. For him, it was Neruda and García Lorca who impressed him the most. “I was pleased to know that they were here in Vigo, I even know which painting they are in,” he says.

Even tourists cannot resist the charm of this action. Maite Fernandez and her sons Francisco and Alejandro Rebolledo, all from Santander, was one of those visitors who had nothing to do with the olive-growing city.

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Maite Fernandez, Francisco and Alejandro Rebolido

“I love history, here and anywhere”Mayte says. For her children, the figure that surprised them the most was Vale Inclan, while for her it was Bella Otero. “I was excited to see him on a list of such important names, and I just read a biography on him,” says the Santander native.

Ricardo Otrero and Claudia Quiros They are tourists madrileños who decides to approach the prince to see the fair on his last day in Vigo. “To tell you the truth, I’ve only noticed women, and there’s a lot to talk about rosalia De Castro, Now I know why he is so important on this earth,” admits the woman from Madrid.

“This show should always be”

When asked if the fact that the text is only in Galician was a problem for them, Ricardo replied: “It is not a problem. Initiatives like this demonstrate the culture and history of the city of Vigo It is more aimed at the people of Vigo than if it were in Galician.

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