This is why Mary Poppins is not a children's film

Mary Poppins It is a children's film released in 1964He tells us the story of A A lullaby with magic This helps Taking care of some childrenAlthough many remember her for her children's songs; Tape

He had suffered

Reclassification It no longer belongs to children's films, because Feature film It includes Discriminatory languageAccording to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC, in English).

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in it United kingdomthe PBFC He raised the film's age rating Mary Poppins because of language What do you consider? Discriminatorythis happens After 60 years Of success film. The tape contained… U classification (Suitable for everyone) And now it is s. (With parental supervision), this is because word that Europeans Used to indicate Nomadic peoples Subordinate South Africa.

Discriminatory language used in Mary Poppins

the word Which is used inside Tape He is Hottentot (Hottentot) is an expression used to indicate disdain for Nomadic peoples Subordinate South Africa. This term is considered… dictionary

how “Old and offensive“; The BBFC points out that this Type of expressions exceed the limits of U classification.


It is used in the movie by the character Admiral Boomwhen he first points out people who don't appear on the screen And then to be able to refer to Movie kids When their faces are perfect Blackened for him bloat; The expression was used to refer to members Khoikhoi communityBut over time it was used for all people Black sweat.

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Mary Poppins

a fictional character created by B. L. Travers And its translation into cinema Julie Andrewstells the story of A English nanny By magic, an umbrella aided by the wind reaches A.'s house Family in London Where he takes care of the young; The movie won Five Oscarsto become the success that distinguished Popular culture.

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