This is what is known about the solar storm that will affect Earth in the next few days

a solar storm It could affect Earth in the next few days, causing disruption to mobile and satellite services. That’s what Dr. Tamitha Skov, an expert on space meteorology in charge of, predicted. Freaks at NASA.

According to his information, the phenomenon will appear “as a thread in the form of a snake coming from the sun” and will be “direct hit“.

The specialist’s predictions indicate geomagnetic storm They may be so severe that “some users may experience signal interruptions in the GPS and radio on the night side of the Earth”. NASA has not yet confirmed this information on its official channels.

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The official page of National Geographic confirms that the discovery of this storm began on July 11, 2022, and “It is estimated that this geomagnetic storm Reach our planet in just 8 minutes“.

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