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The Sirtfood diet has gained some of its fame because red wine and chocolate are on the menu.

After parting from a seven-year relationship, many changes emerged in the British artist’s life; New successes, mental health and a healthy life. And since 2019, Adele has wowed her fans with a slimmer figure.

Adele looks almost unknown after losing 70 kilos

The answer to this drastic change is nothing but a “better lifestyle,” with Pilates sessions with his trainer Joe Weeks and a strict diet, Sirtfood DietWhich helps her lose weight, she admitted in an interview with the American program Saturday Night Live.

This nutritional suggestion was first launched in 2016 by two nutritionists: Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, in the UK and according to the magazine sheAnd It promises to reduce up to 3 kilograms per week. The results on some celebrities like Adele have been effective.

Low Calories, The Diet That Left Adele Unknown

But what is this?

A group of proteins called sirtuins, found in some foods rich in polyphenols, appear to be directly involved in Regulating metabolism, inflammation and aging.

Activate Sirtuins Sir . genes (silent information organizers) Protecting cells when under stress while reducing inflammation, stimulating metabolism and regulating the aging process. Science alert. Studies support that sirtuins improve the body’s ability to burn fat and allow weight loss without losing muscle mass.

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The foods included in this diet are:

  • An apple
  • soy
  • cabbage
  • blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • dark chocolate (85% cocoa)
  • Red wine
  • Matcha green tea
  • Onions
  • olive oil
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If you are looking to repeat this diet, you should initially consult a nutritionist for a diagnosis of your condition. Also, you must understand that this diet has two processes.

The first step will be taken during the first three days, during which a limited amount of calories must be eaten: total energy intake is limited to 4,200 kJ per day (or 1,000 calories). however, The normal range is 2000.

Adele reveals the secret that led her to completely change her life

That means you can only have one full meal a day with turkey, chicken, noodles or parsley, supplemented with three vegetable juices, according to one. Article – Commodity mode confidentiality.

The second phase (from day four to day seven) consists of three meals a day, up to a total energy intake of 6,300 kJ/day (1,500 kcal) and can be supplemented with a green juice. However, red wine and dark chocolate can be consumed in both phases, as they are foods rich in sirtuin enzymes. (And)

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