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Technological advancements have allowed smartphones to become a part necessary of our lives, keeping us connected and productive at all times. However, these devices are not without problems, and one of the most worrisome is heating from the battery.

cases High temperature Cells and batteries in cell phones are not rare, and Risks More alarming when this phenomenon occurs outside the home.

It is known to increase excessive temperature In the battery can lead to a series of problems, from low to useful life Even damage Can not be Fixed It can lead to dangerous situations like fires also Explosions.

Although it is common at home to pay attention to critical In our devices, many users ignore the risks when they are outside. Use plastic wrapvery popular for its aesthetics and protection, can be a major factor in Hyperthermia On your cell phone, even in circumstances that don’t seem dangerous.

the Temperature It is a critical factor in the health of lithium batteries, which power most mobile devices. It has been proven to save battery above 35 degrees Celsius It can cause damage Irreversible.

the plastic wrapoften narrow and insufficient BreathingIt can trap heat generated by the battery during charging and heavy use. This creates a situation where the device becomes some kind of ovenwhich endangers the useful life of the battery and, therefore, integrity from the same cell phone.

Besides a problem heat effectThere are other reasons to use plastic wrap can speed up heating from the phone. First, some plastics may contain coil low thermal conductivityWhich means they don’t dissipate heat in some way effective.

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secondly , issue can prevent ventilation holes and the Heat dissipation grills Built into the device design. This deficiency proper air flow It limits the phone’s ability to release heat in some way effective.

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from physical perspectiveHeat transfer through such materials plastic bags It is an inclusive process Leadership And pregnancy. Conduction is the transfer of heat through a solidsand plastic with their insulating natureThis can hinder transportation.

On the other hand, convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of a divorced, like air. the plastic wrap You can interrupt this process by creating a file roadblock between the device and the surrounding environment, preventing heat from dissipating.

Users must be Conscious From these dangers and take Sizes To avoid them, either by choosing wrappers that allow better Thermal dispersion or by removing the casing during critical and the Extensive use. when taking PrecautionsWe can rest easy technology without compromising on protection.

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