This is the offer that the richest man in the UK made to Barcelona

The Barcelona model is questionable. The club’s delicate financial situation, with debts of €1,350 million due to the cost of the club, was further aggravated ESPY Barcelona, explains that there is speculation about an upcoming transformation of the entity into Sports Public Limited. current president, Joan Laportahe rules out such an option while in office and he just got out The richest man in the UK He offered between 2,000 and 3,000 million euros to repair the Camp Nou and keep 50% of the club.

Sir James Ratcliffe, who now wants to take control of Manchester United, called Laporta last season to make his offer. “We had interesting conversations with him. Barcelona And we told them that we would rather sell their assets We will pay between 2,000 and 3,000 million for redesign Camp Nou In addition to buying 50% ownership of the clubexplained the English magnate in a book about the group Audacity, Rigor, and Humor: The Story of INEOS.

In his presentation of his negotiations with Laporta, Ratcliffe added:We also wanted to sign a statement thereunder We promised we would never sell the club but Barcelona He refused the offer because its owner is the partners.

Barcelona model

The English billionaire assumed Laporta’s response. But he stressed that the decisions he has made in recent months are not the best: “NoOr he could bring that proposal to the masses, though The path they take is a mess. The mandates are short-term, so he arrives and runs for five years and then browns to another.”

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Ratcliffe further noted: They have already sold a portion of their television and merchandising rights to a American Eagle Fund for the next 25 years. So they already have a good handful of cash to throw away.”

With his bid for Barcelona ruled out, Ratcliffe is now fighting for Manchester United, a club he is also bidding for. The State of Qatar.

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