This is the invitation to enter the state system for scholars of SLP

The Potosi Council for Science and Technology (Cubosite) introduced the invitation to enter the State Scholar System (SEI) in San Luis Potosi with a validity of three years.

Accordingly, those who are recognized by national search system (SNI) Like those who do not. For the first case, researchers will get their automatic integration through their registration on the digital platform.

While researchers who are not affiliated with SNI must meet the following requirements:

  • Be commissioned or provide professional services in the past year in a institute of higher educationor a research center, company, or government agency based in the state of San Luis Potosi.
  • Carrying out scientific and technological research activities.
  • to request Incorporation at SEI Through the SEI Digital Platform in only one SNI-compliant knowledge area.
  • Compliance evaluation standard Evaluation committee corresponding to their field of knowledge.

Similarly, evaluation criteria will be applied in the following areas:

I. Physics, Mathematics and Earth Sciences (Appendix 1)

Secondly. Biology and Chemistry (Appendix 2)

Third. Medicine and Health Sciences (Appendix 3)

Fourthly. Behavioral sciences and education (Appendix 4)

V. Humanities (Appendix 5). saw. Social Sciences (Appendix 6)

vii. Agriculture, agriculture, forestry and ecosystem sciences (Annex 7)

vii. Engineering and Technology Development (Annex 8)

ix. Interdisciplinary (Appendix 9).

Where to apply for affiliation to the state system for researchers?

To be affiliated with SEI, applicants must submit their applications via email on the SEI digital platform Where they will be provided with a username and password, which will be unique and non-transferable.

In the same way, have to submit Information requested on the platform and attach the necessary evidence in PDF format to demonstrate compliance with the requirements. The deadline for applications is May 11, 2022.

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Once researchers complete registration and attach documents, your file will be evaluated by the respective district committee. Each evaluation committee will consist of at least six researchers affiliated with SNI.

full call here.

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