This is the Disney + series that attracts the Mexican audience

to me TV lovers It has never been easier to access a wide catalog of series with the advent of streaming platforms, although there is a nuisance: among the variety of titles and genres found in the new millennium, it is no longer easy to find the next production.

However, when considering these new challenges, Disney + offers its subscribers List of his most famous works so that the choice is easy.

Various genres, all with interesting stories to spend many hours in front of the screen without wondering how to download a video from Facebook, these are the most famous productions Disney + Mexico To enjoy in a marathon or at leisure.

1. She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters is a celibate and somewhat shy lawyer, but very professional. Her life seems typical of a girl in her thirties…except when she gets angry. If Jennifer gets upset, she becomes She-Hulk, a two-meter green champ with superhuman strength. Only her cousin, Bruce Banner aka Hulk, understands her experience and will help her with her transformations.

two. Malcolm

A family sitcom that deals with the funny problems and situations of a middle-class American family, where Malcolm’s son seems to be the only reasonable…or at least the only one who shows signs of reason. The family consists of his neurotic parents Hal and Louis, older brother Francis, and his other two brothers, Reese and Dewey.

3. bluish

Bluey is a tireless six year old dog. This Australian blue cattle turns everyday life with her family into an extraordinary adventure, developing her imagination as well as her mental, physical and emotional abilities.

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four. Miraculous: Ladybug Adventures

When Paris is in danger, Marinette turns into Ladybug. What he doesn’t know is that his handsome friend Adrien is Cat Noir, another superhero serving the city.

5. Speedy and his super team

Follow Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales on their adventures as young heroes team up with Hulk and Ms. Marvel and Black Panther to defeat enemies like Rhino, Doc Ock, Green Goblin and learn.

6. Gravity Falls

It follows the adventures of 12-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, who see their summer plans deteriorate when their parents decide to send them to their great-uncle, Grankle Stan, who lives in the heart of Gravity Falls. Dipper and Mabel soon discover that all is not as it seems in Gravity Falls and they are counting on each other and their new friends to find out what is really going on in this strange place.

* Some titles may be repeated in the order because they are different episodes or seasons, and may not contain a description because the platform does not provide it.

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Disney has given up on Netflix

With its platform that offers original movies and series, Disney+ is striving to compete with Netflix. (Reuters/Youssef Saba)

Disney + is a streaming platform owned by The Walt Disney Company that offers its subscribers an extensive catalog of films, series and documentaries, among other multimedia products released in the studios Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star, National Geographic, among others.

The service officially launched on November 12, 2019 in the United States and Canada, and later expanded to include the Netherlands and Spain. The platform did not finally reach Latin America and the Caribbean, with the exception of Cuba, until the end of 2020.

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According to the latest cut on August 10, 2022, the live streaming service It has about 221.1 million users worldwide, surpassing for the first time its largest competitor: Netflixwhich remained at 220.67 million users.

The total number of users registered by Disney+ (152 million) also refers to Hulu (46.2 million) and ESPN (22.8 million). In contrast, Netflix lost 200,000 subscribers to its last credit and another 2 million are expected to drop.

However, his reign in the world of running It may not last long because their new payment plans are announcedas the company is considering a new premium package that will have to be paid more for after the arrival of a new way of thinking about advertising.

As a background, at the end of 2015, Disney launched DisneyLife in the UK, but the service was suspended as a result of the launch of Disney+.

At the time of its launch there was talk of the platform It seeks to host 500 movies and 7000 episodes of TV shows or series; In addition, the release of four original films and five TV shows, which were seen with the release of the series The Mandalorian, which cost nearly $100 million, were also considered.

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