This is Stowaway, a science fiction thriller with Tony Collette and Anna Kendrick that sweeps Netflix

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Netflix is ​​a successful makerBut even his superior algorithm is unable to predict which series or movies will become one of his most-watched titles. Another to sweep the catwalk is the movie stealthily (stealthily) That despite the names he carries on the front and back of the camera, she made it to her catalog without any promotion on her part.

stealthily The video published by the platform on YouTube does not appear with its most prominent features in April, which also happened with one of its most popular series in October 2020. We are talking about it. Maneuvering mrs. This short series garnered unanimously the audience, critics, and awards, and it remained on the most viewed platform for months after its first show, but it did so on its merits, as it was not in the recommended premieres of its release month.

Since the sci-fi movie we’re talking about arrived on Thursday April 22nd, it’s been put in Top 5 of the most watched on Netflix In more than 60 countries it is tracked and held by FlixPatrol # 1 from countries like USA, UK and Spain. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, we tell you here what it is and why it grabbed your viewers’ attention.

The ‘stowaway’ hypothesis

Introduction – Polizón – Netflix

During a mission to Mars, the crew encountered a stealthy traveler, a technician who had an accident before takeoff and was left unconscious inside the spacecraft, causing irreparable damage to life support systems. There is not enough fuel to return and Soon there will be no oxygen for the four-man crew. Faced with an impossible decision, the team must unite to fight for their lives.

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Who is in the crew

“Polizón” heroes.


The team is led by Marina Barnett, who he plays Tony Collette (On her first foray into science fiction), the captain of the ship, in what will be her third and final mission to the colony on the Red Planet. As a doctor and scientist on the ship travels Zoe Levinson, who gives her life Anna KendrickAn eternal optimist is always able to present the needs of others before theirs.

Complete the official crew is Daniel Day Kim (Lost) As David Kim, a biologist, who is a pragmatist who offers a different perspective on Levinson. The stealthy traveler is Michael Adams, who plays him Shamir Anderson (Winona Erb), The unfortunate engineer who’s busy on a space mission.

The team is behind the scenes

On the left is director Joe Pina while filming.

On the left is director Joe Pina while filming.


one of stealthily It was the first feature film script they wrote Joe Pina and Ryan Morrison, With the idea that Pina himself will direct it. Since they knew it was difficult for a production company to invest the budget needed to shoot a movie in space in a new director, they decided to put the idea aside and write another story.

That was the story North Pole, Movie starring Mads Mikkelsen (Another tour), Which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Nominate for Golden camera 2018, the award given to Best First Film of each release. With this experience corroborating their CV, they returned to their initial idea. And they found funding.

Scientific realism is one of the reasons for its success

Promo photo for

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Promotional image for “Polizón”.


In addition to production design, interpretation and good stress management, media outlets such as Wired, New Scientist and The Guardian highlight that the film Approaches your science curriculum very realistically. This was something Benna and Morrison focused on when they were researching during pre-production: “We spoke to about twenty experts including space engineers, astronauts, solar radiation researchers, medical professionals and space shuttle leaders… We wanted to be precise and realistic. As much as possible,” The director explains.

Some of the data and information provided by these experts (many of whom have worked for NASA and the European Space Agency) contradicted their questions. When this happened, Pina sent a copy of an email to everyone, “This led to very interesting discussions that led to.” The same solution by following very different paths. Rocket science is very flexible, you think there is only one way to do things and there is no. ”

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