This is Queen Elizabeth’s secret talent that shows her sense of humor

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From a very young age Queen Elizabeth IIIt was the living image of righteousness, dignity, and propriety. On more than one occasion, the Queen has made it clear that she is doing everything she can for her service to the Crown and the United Kingdom. however, Royal experts have revealed an aspect of Her Majesty that shows her sense of humour.

the queen She celebrated her 96th birthday on April 21, and in the midst of the festivities, people close to the UK’s longest-serving monarch revealed the most hilarious moment that left Elizabeth with a big smile on her face.

Royal historian Robert Lacey said that although the Queen takes her job very seriously, “she doesn’t.” The things that make him laugh the most are the most ridiculous. The King has developed a ‘sense of absurdity and absurdity’.

Queen Elizabeth has a good sense of humor
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In turn, Karen Dolby, author of The Evil Intelligence of Queen Elizabeth II, said that it is also said that It is a very good imitation. Especially good in the impression of the former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin. In secret, the Queen impersonates British politicians, clergy and television personalities.

Laughter is the best medicine, so the long-running monarch finds humor a subtle way to break the ice or try to defuse tension when people are nervous around it.

It rebounds quickly when people are not feeling well.” Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon says: Being able to be entertained and seeing the fun side of life helps her keep in touch with people.”

With these pictures, the Queen celebrated her 96th birthday
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Historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon explains: “A distinguishing feature of her is that she does not take herself too seriously. This contributed greatly to the success of her rule.”

“There is an absence of arrogance, a certain lack of respect. He is able to laugh in the face of adversity and move on.”. On a personal level, the Queen is said to be a great imitator, according to Lacy, historical advisor to the popular Netflix series “The Crown.”

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