This is how you can join Profeco’s teamwork against Walmart – Noticias en la Mira con Lourdes Mendoza

If you are affected by a Walmart service, the Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection (Prophet) He called on the public to take collective action against the US company in favor of Breach of promotions by Walmart.

“If you are affected by Walmart because of: order cancellations, non-delivery of products or breach of offers, we invite you to join collective action against them,” Profeco’s profile reads on Twitter.

What documents do you need?

that’s it Documents What you should collect if you are a victim of Walmart and want to join the Profeco call:

  • Express consent form.
  • The fact report, which consists of a free document signed by the aggrieved consumer. The manner, time and place in which the events occurred must be indicated.
  • Format personal data.
  • Tickets, invoices, account statements, bank transfers or company purchase confirmation emails.

In the following link you can get the format:

The action is executed at the same time as the attorney against Ticketmaster, D’Europe and NovirsaAction against Ticketmaster is for Event Cancellation And to get Refund refused. RB

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