This is how you can hide a WhatsApp conversation on iPhone without having to archive it

That's why WhatsApp and iOS have integrated the A new way to hide the conversation Without having to archive them, with other kinds of properties like the images won't be saved or we won't know if we've received something unless we explicitly go.

How to hide conversations on WhatsApp?

The process is very simple, although we must first update both the iOS version of our iPhone and the WhatsApp application to the latest version, otherwise the option will likely not appear in it.

Once everything is ready, we will just have to go to the conversation we want to hide, click on their profile and in the options we will see, where their contact details appear, we will see a new box that will indicate «Block chat“.

If we check this box The chat will be hiddenHowever, we will not block the contact, which is another different option, so he will be able to continue talking to us and will not know that we chose this option.

In addition, we can determine whether the photos we receive from this person will be automatically saved in the gallery, or on the contrary (and by default), by checking that, they will not be downloaded and, therefore, we will have to see them manually in the chat.

Now, how can we locate chats after blocking them? Well, to do this, when you enter the application, we will not see which section you appear in, unlike the archived sections, which will always be at the top.

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If we want it to appear, we just have to move our finger up (in the General Chats section), as if we were looking for a conversation above the chats themselves. That will be when we discover “Blocked Chats”. And going in there, we'll have all the hidden ones. Yes in deed, To see them we will have to enter the PIN or FaceIDso they will be more protected.

Furthermore, as we said, a number will not appear if we receive a new message, as it would have done in archived messages, since it would indicate, without entering this section, that someone spoke to us.

Goodbye to WhatsApp

Thanks to this new option we will get it Two additional points for privacy Which we did not have with Archived, because on the one hand, as we said, photos, videos and other multimedia files will not be saved in the gallery, so, even though we access it, we will not see new files from those chats. On the other hand, if we leave the phone to someone, even though they try to search for these hidden contacts, they will not be able to access it without FaceID or the unlock pattern.

And you, do you know about this option, have you ever tried it, or do you think, like many people, that this connection only blocks and not only hides it, allowing you to receive everything normally? Leave us a comment with your opinion and experience with this method. The truth is that it can be very useful.

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