This is how the UK intends to alleviate the shortage of professional drivers

Concern is growing about the growing shortage of professional drivers across the country to fill jobs offered by Spanish carriers.

Accordingly, according to the various studies that have been conducted on the labor situation in our country, Percentage of companies in the transport sector that face difficulties in filling vacant positions will be in more than 20%, Estimated more than 10,000 job offers will remain vacant due to a lack of available candidates, as explained by the National Federation of Transport Associations of Spain (FENADISMER).

This problem is not limited to Spain only, but also in other European countries and the rest of the world, the shortage of drivers is of particular importance, motivated by several factors, such as the high economic cost of access to this profession, and the rigors of exercise. From the activity and working conditions offered, which makes this profession unattractive. However, FENADISMER . is considered that neither the public nor the private sphere takes initiatives to alleviate this situation, Despite the high level of unemployment in our country, about 20%. They warn that “in the not-too-distant future, this could affect the normal development of supply chains for goods and products, both for industries and for the population in general”.

The UK is taking action
The United Kingdom is witnessing a critical situation in this regard, exacerbated by Britain’s exit from the European Union and the consequent closure of borders for foreign workers to enter that country. The lack of professional drivers is seriously affecting the business, with serious shortages in supermarkets and gas stations.
In order to alleviate this critical situation, which is estimated to be incapacitated by 90,000 drivers, The British government approved the emergency plan this weekend, With a value of 10 million pounds, including Free training for 4,000 people so that they can obtain professional driving licenses Through intensive courses, With the aim that they will be examined in a maximum of 12 weeks, and also given 5,000 3-month visas for foreign airlines who want to work in the UK for Christmas to avoid a total collapse in the supply of goods and merchandise expected in the coming weeks.

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