This is how the packages will get to your home: in an electric and autonomous van Like Access – Tech – Hybrid and Electric

Show future arrival Urban parcel delivery With the first demonstration of its electric and self-driving truck in the UK. The test performed in controlled conditions In a domestic parcel warehouse, it has been classified by the British start-up company as Exit, which he hopes will serve as an incentive to start Tests in real conditions With streets open to UK traffic.

Commercial electric vehicle startup Arrival has in its catalog an electric van, this standalone start-up test champ built specifically for package delivery, an electric bus with a modular interior and an electric car that it will develop for Uber. In parallel, access is also developing independent driving system Thanks to the funds granted by the program Robopilot from the UK government.

With the aim of accelerating the future of autonomous driving systems, the technology developed by Access Removes expensive components such as sensors. Thus, it avoids the installation process around the vehicle in areas where it is usually subject to blows, so that the recognition of the environment is covered by Much cheaper system. Access employs a group of Cameras and processors Which collects data so that the image recognition algorithm can make the right decisions on each maneuver.

To demonstrate the progress of its work, carried out by access Tested under controlled conditions In a fully operational local parcel depot. Electric truck with automatic driving system, There is no driver in the cabin, was able to successfully maneuver within the facility, independently completing each of the tasks that a human operator would perform while driving a conventional truck.

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The arrival of the electric bus concept.

Max Komskoy, Head of Advanced Driver Assistance and Automated Access Systems, emphasizes that “maneuvers in the warehouse These are the operations that are most prone to accidents in parcel delivery service.” This technology will not only make drivers’ work easier, but will also provide Extra safety By eliminating human driving errors that occur in cramped environments. For this reason, I decided to reach start the tests in a controlled and static environment in the repository, where it is really possible to test and validate the technology. Through this experience “we will be able to understand how it works on public roads and in our vehicles and how it can be implemented around the world,” adds Komskoy.

As part of its participation in the Robopilot project, Access plans to demonstrate the autonomous capabilities of its truck, which is capable of achieving Level 4 (according to SAE) autonomous driving. On a 16 km road on public roads. Later, after this system is developed and tested in its electric delivery trucks, it will be adapted so that it can also be used by trucks and buses.

According to UK Investment Minister Lord Grimstone, “Access plays a pivotal role in the UK’s transport and innovation sector by bringing together organizations of all technologies, skills and services whose projects can be exported around the world.”

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