This is a temporary solution

Wireless connectivity remains one of the best options for all Android Auto users. However, it seems that Google has not yet found the key that affects users around the world. Fortunately, there is a solution, even if it is temporary.

For several months now, Android Auto users from all over the world have been submitting reports on the official Google forum, which can be accessed through it this link, a series of problems related to wireless connectivity. Specifically, they state that it is impossible to interact with the system, which experiences a sudden pause Block access to the application Indefinitely. As if they are not compatible with the device to which the sync should be performed.

Although it seems that Google has found it The solution to this problem, Given the decline in the volume of complaints on its website, the scenario seems to have changed in recent weeks. And once again, many Android Auto users once again openly complained about the performance of Android Auto in its wireless version.

Sudden outages

The complexity of the situation is how unpredictable it is Run Android Auto When you encounter this kind of problem. In the comments of affected users, we see how Android Auto seems to work perfectly after the update, and mid-flight, It stops working suddenly. In some cases, it doesn’t work wirelessly again for several weeks.

A scenario that could cause significant upset in your community. Especially if we consider that the navigation system via applications such as Google Maps or Waze can be essential in the daily life of all people who are accustomed to traffic. Several hours A week on the road. The downside is that users cannot resolve the error by changing the navigation application, because it is a system failure, not an incompatibility with a specific application.

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The solution is to go back to cable

As we mentioned previously, the problem basically lies in… Wireless connection. Therefore, the temporary solution we can choose is to use the cable connection again. Although the experience may be affected to some extent, because it is not as convenient as a wireless connection, the reality is that at the moment this seems to be the only possibility we have in this regard.

Unlike other bugs that the system has shown in recent years, in this case it will affect users of all types of Android versions and devices. So the solution does not pass Update version Or change our mobile phone, but that would be a system failure and a solution must be found. If the cable connection is not resolved, all that remains is to wait until Google finally detects the malfunction causing the outage and we can use the system normally.

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