This feature on the Samsung Galaxy S24 will not reach the rest of the phones that update to One UI 6.1

If you don't have a Galaxy S24, you won't be able to use Always On Display wallpapers no matter how much you update to One UI 6.1

The S24 Ultra's AOD wallpapers will not be compatible with the rest of the Galaxy phones / Photo by Christian Collado

For several weeks now, One UI 6.1 has been spreading its tentacles throughout the galaxy SamsungAlthough, after seeing how Galaxy AI animated the presentation of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra more than ever before, we were all wondering… What new features in One UI 6.1 will be exclusive to the latest Main South Koreans Which ones will be in other Galaxy stations.

In this case we have bad news, that is SamMobile He now confirms this to us Aside from artificial intelligence, some functions will not be present in all Samsung phonesStarting, of course, with the cool stuff backgrounds “Always on display” Which is displayed in full screen when we activate the AOD option on the screen.

these backgrounds They won't reach any other older galaxy, Not even the most important ones like the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5Although it seems that Samsung has good reasons for this.

Apparently, The latest generation of AMOLED displays It's their fault that the Galaxy S24 was able to offer this functionality, since the technology is new It's now more efficient than any previous Galaxy device. This means that the power consumption is sufficient even when AOD is activated, so Autonomy is not excessively penalized When these wallpapers are displayed.

Not only that, engineers from Suwon Corporation, in Seoul, They managed it Burn in Be a thing of the past Or at least reduce it to the maximum, thus blocking the OLED panel Burning or corrosion when displaying still images Such as official development assistance funds.

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In any case Efficiency is the main reason Samsung waved it off for not carrying these wallpapers “Always on display” To other old cell phones with Previous generation screens Which consumes more energy.

From what they tell us, Samsung's new AMOLED panels are so efficient that they allow you to capture a full-screen AOD without expending a lot of power… and also avoid the dreaded burn-in of OLED screens!

This wouldn't be the only option off the listFor example, some of the most important leakers in the Samsung ecosystem have reported this The Galaxy S23 won't receive the new, improved camera algorithms either Or a new screen intensity setting.

I don't know if this is the right time to upgrade to the Galaxy S24 or not, but This news is sure to encourage sales a little more. From the last Main From Samsung… Here we leave you the comparison in case you still have doubts!

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