This beautiful space butterfly resulting from a merger of galaxies is the inevitable fate of the Milky Way


The overwhelming image is a possible omen for our galaxy.

a A new picture of the universe Gives what we’ve been talking about in the last hours. exactly like Posted by Noir Lab on their websiteThe Gemini North Telescopeinstalled on Mauna Kea, Hawaiishows us a great shot of Merging two spiral galaxies. The to treat will take millions of years To complete it, but it is inevitable for many galaxies in the universe. So much so, that experts assert that this is irreversible fate What awaits us The inhabitants of the Milky Way.

The precious fusion of galaxies that invites us to discover our destiny

A pair of galaxies, named after NGC 4567 s NGC 4568 Also known as Butterfly Galaxiesin the process Collision and fusionBecause of gravity attracts them. in range 60 million light years from EarthOn the constellation VirgoSlowly, these galaxies will join, until they are complete fusionwhich – which It will take 500 million years It will happen and it will lead to a New elliptical galaxy. Currently, Galactic centers separated by 20,000 light yearsbut the gravitational forces continue on their course until they reach a process star formationwith changes in the structure of each galaxy.

A wonderful picture of a galaxy collision. Gemini Observatory

The gases and stars that are produced in every galaxy will go mix The closer they get and it will result in an elliptical galaxy, similar to what we might find in the case of 89a galaxy of this type also located in the constellation Virgo which we show you picture under these lines. That’s why scientists think so Something similar could happen with the Milky Waywhich is supposed to conflict with Andromeda Galaxy.

Image of the elliptical galaxy Messier 89

Image of the elliptical galaxy Messier 89. deep space

In fact, already in the year 2012some Astronomers predicted this future collisionsince the huge aura This surrounds Andromeda started in Call with the Our galaxy’s aura. despite of separate us until 2.5 million light years From our neighboring galaxy, this distance, astronomically speaking, is not important at all, even We can see Andromeda in the autumn sky, as if it were a small trace of cosmic light. By the way, you can too Watch the International Space StationBecause the night sky holds surprises for the curious.

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