Third stage in Olavaria due to the presence of strains from the United Kingdom and Manaus

Random scanning of patient samples Coronavirus positives for Olavarría in Pune Evidenced by the high circulation of strains UK and Manaus In that city, until the municipality enters its third phase of isolation tomorrow, the provincial health ministry and mayor Ezequiel Galle said today.

The study, prepared by the Argentine Genome Project between Institutions, randomly took 5 percent of the 394 positive samples recorded in Olavaria between March 22 and 30 of this year.

Manaus Dynasty and the United Kingdom

Of the 20 samples analyzed, 11 corresponds to the United Kingdom breed and three others to the Manaus breed.

The report also shows that according to Olavarría health authorities, none of the 20 cases studied recorded a history of foreign travel or close contact with travelers.

The study was published on Twitter by the Health Minister of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Return to stage 3

Minister of Health of Buenos Aires Daniel GolanShe considered it “very worrying” and added that “it is necessary.” Care measures, To prevent the viral circulation of these most contagious variants that could complicate the situation. “

Mayor of Olavaria, Ezequiel Galle, He also reported on Twitter that “as a result of the emergence of the British and Manaus dynasties in our city, taking into account the situation, after reaching a consensus with the Chief of Staff of Buenos Aires, Carlos Bianco, we will move forward from Tomorrow to Stage 3“.

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The municipality of Olavaria stated that today they are registered on its territory 101 new cases of coronavirusWhich has accumulated 9,443 injuries and deaths from the disease since the beginning of the pandemic.

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