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Cuba: Cuba maintains the will to strengthen relations with immigration to it

Sources in the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed, today, that Cuba adheres to its desire to strengthen relations with immigrants, despite the reactions of part of it after the riots of July 11.

Cuba: Latin American students stand with Cuba against subversion

Today, the Organization of Continental Students of Latin America and the Caribbean (Oclae) endorsed its support for the Cuban Revolution in the face of destabilizing attempts promoted by the United States.

Cuba: They condemn the attacks on those who defend the relations between the United States and Cuba

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez today described the intolerance and aggression against those who advocate the normalization of relations between the United States and Havana as unacceptable.

Venezuela: The Venezuelan Parliament honors the Olympic delegation

Venezuela’s National Assembly (Parliament) today approved an agreement to recognize the country’s delegation’s performance at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Guatemala: Guatemalans live a day of unemployment and blockade against the government

The authorities of grandparents, farmers, students and citizens are today leading another day of demonstrations and a blockade in Guatemala to demand the resignation of President Alejandro Giamatti.

Peru: The government insists on dialogue despite the hostility of the opposition in Peru

Today, the Prime Minister of Peru, Guido Peledo, reiterated his call for dialogue, in contrast to the ruthlessness of the extremist opposition which, according to one of its advocates, calls for the purge of supposed communist ministers.

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United States: It will be bad for the United States if Trump returns in 2024, according to the poll

A poll today revealed that many Americans think it would be bad for the country if former President Donald Trump returns as a candidate for the White House in 2024.

Syria: condemnation of the European campaign of incitement against Syria

Syria today denounced the statements issued by the authorities of the United Kingdom and the European Union regarding the situation in Daraa Governorate, in the south of this Arab nation, describing them as hypocrisy and incitement.

Economy: FDI will decline in Latin America in 2020

Foreign direct investment in Latin America and the Caribbean reached 105 thousand 480 million dollars in 2020, the lowest in the past decade, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean said today.

The science: Vaccination against Covid-19 requires a greater health effort The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, stressed today that it is necessary to vaccinate the majority of the world’s population against Covid-19, which will require the largest public health effort in history.

Sports – Tokyo 2020: Jamaican paper, today’s number for Latin America and the Caribbean in Tokyo

Jamaican veteran sprinter Hansle Parchment, who started in the 110-meter hurdles, today became the leading figure in Latin America and the Caribbean at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Sports: Messi leaves football an orphan in Spain

Everyone in Spain says that Lionel Messi is leaving FC Barcelona, ​​and football is an orphan.

Sports: Messi’s exit from Barcelona affects Argentina

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The surprising news of the departure of soccer star Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona marked the news in Argentina, his native country, where he became the topic of the day and also among his fans.

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