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TIJUANA- At a ceremony presided over by the State Attorney General, Juan Guillermo Ruiz Hernandez, awards were given to 40 agents from various public security institutions in Baja California, who will be part of the third generation of Masters in Forensic Sciences.

The event, linking San Diego State University, Mexico and Latin America, was attended by Enrique Carrillo. Central Prosecutor, Hiram Sanchez Zamora; Director of the State Center for Forensic Sciences, Angel Lozano Sánchez; Director of Security and Protection of Citizens, Pedro Cruz Camarena; And Director of the State Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training Fernando Sanchez Gonzalez.

During his message, Mr. Juan Guillermo Ruiz Hernández emphasized that the foundations must be laid that will allow security and law enforcement personnel to continue to grow in Baja California, so they must receive better training, which has been one of the constants since then taking ownership of the State Attorney’s Office (FGE).

Meanwhile, Director of the State Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training (IEIFI), Fernando Sanchez Gonzalez, stated that this is another achievement for agents who have had the opportunity to study the programme, in addition to being within the framework that includes the promotion of professionalism. by the national public security system.

The Master of Forensic Science degree is aimed at police officers from various public security institutions in Baja California, and is taught jointly by the Interdisciplinary Research and Training Institute and San Diego State University.

Enrique Carrillo, San Diego State University Liaison Coordinator with Mexico and Latin America, emphasized that this academic program is the only program taught jointly between institutions in Mexico and the United States.

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The third generation of the Master of Forensic Sciences consists of thirteen municipal police officers from Mexicali, Tijuana, and Playas de Rosarito, as well as eight police officers from the State Investigation Agency, nine state security guards, three agents from the state prison system, five experts, and two teachers From the State Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and Training.

“On behalf of my colleagues, I am the spokesperson to express our profound gratitude to the State Attorney’s Office for always closely following our professional process, to each and every one of the resources available to us until our academic training is complete,” said graduate Mauro Javier Beria Peralta.

For the state attorney general, Juan Guillermo Ruiz Hernandez, the professionalization of the personnel working in the institution is a priority, so training is provided on a permanent basis to the operating and administrative staff, in order to better serve the community.

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